Ryan Cuppernull

Product Designer & Animator

Product Design & Motion at Capital One, helping to lead our Design Systems team as we work on the future of systems and resources for our designers and partners.

Lover of process & organization • Nighttime animator & renderer
Full-time husband & father of two • He/Him • RVA via NYC via ATX

I’m currently updating this space but feel free to reach out if you want to see some work or just to chat, I’m always open to hearing about fun opportunities. 👍

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A little more about me

I'm a Product Designer and Animator with a passion for design systems and practices, and a strong love for tools, process, and documentation. I love to be hands on through the many aspects of designing products and services; from definition, ideation, UX, and UI design, to motion, prototyping, testing, delivery, and beyond.
Did I miss anything? 😅

As my career has grown these passions and skills have combined nicely as I focus both on individual features and experiences, as well as design systems and larger design org needs, including design platforms and practices.

I love thinking about how we work as designers - our processes and how we document and tell the stories of our work. I really love what I do and I'm constantly excited by my work, continuing to learn and helping to lead as much as I can along the way. I strive to be surrounded by people smarter than me and I'm always looking to grow and learn new things - and to hopefully share and return the favor where I can.

Current Works at Capital One
UX Motion System & Guides

Create and maintain a robust UX Motion System that unifies Capital One experiences across mobile and web - including a set of custom curves and durations as well as documentation, examples, and designer resources.

Design Systems

Working with the core Design Systems team to improve the Capital One design system and create resources, tools, and practices for the larger design org as well as managing my teams own system and resources.

Design Practices & Standards

Collaborating with others in creating processes, practices, and standards around how we design and how we tell the stories of our designs for both my team and the larger design org.

Two Factor Authentication

Leading the design and iteration of the Capital One two factor authentication (2FA) experience across mobile and web, increasing user success while providing more secure verification methods.

Mobile SDK

Working closely with tech and product teams to streamline and systemize how Identity and Authentication services can be built and reused across Capital One experiences.


Leading the design and exploration of the core Capital One sign-in experience across mobile and web, raising the bar on security and exploring new technology and sign-in methodology.

New Features

Partnering with tech and product teams to ideate, test, and launch new stand out products and features around Identity and Authentication services. I cant talk about these yet ;)

Previous Works
Farmers Insurance

Small team doing a complete redesign of their app for iOS & Android. Led to 4.8 stars out of 1.4k reviews on the iOS App Store, not too bad! (Seems to have been updated recently, but it lasted a surprisingly long time!)

Fiat Uno Connected Car

Explored what it would like look if your phone replaced your car dashboard and media controls, predating CarPlay and Android Auto, to whom it obviously lost out to.

Gagosian iPad App

Apple featured iPad app providing interactive extensions of famed Gagosian gallery exhibits. Winner of a Silver Clio, Cannes Silver Lion, and 2 Webby Honorable Mentions. Obviously very fun to work on and no, I never got to meet anyone famous, but I did get to experience some really great art.

Mission Juno

Designed a website for a NASA mission that even included a series of videos with Bill Nye! Won a NASA Group Achievement Award, and 2 Webby Honorable Mentions. (These missions take a looong time, pretty sure the sites been mostly updated now, and/or feels very out of date...)

The N°5 Culture Chanel Exhibit

Early responsive site and additional media content for the N°5 Culture Chanel exhibit that explored the influences and essences that make up the fragrance. Definitely didn't know about the sympathizer stuff at the time...